exploring the social brain
in health and disease


The Dölen lab studies the synaptic and circuit mechanisms that enable social behaviors. We use a variety of techniques including whole cell patch clamp electrophysiology, viral mediated gene transfer, optogenetics, and behavior. We are also interested in understanding how these synaptic and circuit mechanisms are disrupted  in autism and schizophrenia, diseases which are characterized by social cognition deficits. We are currently using both transgenic mice and patient derived stem cells to model disease. 

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The Dölen lab is located at the school of medicine campus  in East Baltimore. While you're here, don't miss Baltimore's famous street art, including the one pictured above from  Other and Labrona (2012) in the SoWeBo neighborhood (53 S. Stockton St. Baltimore, MD 21223).

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The Dölen lab seeks to create a collegial and stimulating environment for carrying out the very best cutting edge research. Our ultimate goal is to find mechanism-based therapies for diseases of the social brain, with a focus on autism and schizophrenia. We invite you to keep up to date with our progress. 
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